rtx adult Racing

high-speed performance karting

If your thrill meter is running on empty, come fill your tank with some high-speed performance karting! We provide the training and equipment necessary to make anyone a racer for the day.

Indoor go kart racing

Each race is timed for 7 minutes allowing the drivers to run about 15-20 laps around the track. Our track can accommodate for up to 10 karts at a time making for a thrilling race against new friends or old. During your race each lap time will be recorded by our high-tech live timing and scoring system. Our races are all about fast times, so position is not as important, overall fastest lap time is the winner!

electric race karts

The latest in high performance racing is here! The SODI RTX features a 20Hp DC electric motor delivering instant acceleration and incredible throttle control for drivers of any skill level. With an integral side protection system, adjustable seat and pedals, the RTX offers every guest a safe and comfortable race experience. - 100% electric power - No fumes - Pleasing, high performance sound - Remote speed control for a consistent & safe operation.

Our track

In order to provide an optimal racing experience, we have created the perfect track for any skill level. Advanced safety barriers line an exciting track designed after some of Ohio’s best race circuits. Our track can accommodate 6 different configurations, allowing us to change our track layout periodically throughout the year. Along with our fully indoor track configurations, we now have an additional summer track option that runs the track through an elevated outdoor section for a unique indoor-outdoor racing experience. Check out our calendar to see what layout we are running now!

Annual race license

Every racer must purchase the $6 annual license to race. Our Annual License is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase granting you full access to BOSS Pro-Karting including:

  • Your own racing headsock
  • Access to all BOSS safety gear
  • Live timing and scoring
  • Exclusive member only opportunities and race days
  • Replacement sock = $2
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Racing Requirements

Adult racers

Every racer must purchase the $6 annual license to race

  • Walk-ins are first come first serve
  • Please wear closed toe shoes
  • We supply all safety gear necessary
  • Our adult karts are for drivers who are at least 14 years old and 56” or taller
  • Any driver 8-13 years old and at least 50” tall will be in our junior X1 karts (no passengers in any karts)
  • Any driver under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian OR have the Parental Consent Form filled out and in hand upon arrival in order to race

For drivers under 18

You will need a Parental Consent Form on file with us in order to race. You can do this by either:

  • Having a parent or legal guardian present with you at BPK to sign the release when you register with us for your first race.
  • Registering online where your parent can sign the waiver digitally. Then just head to the track and we'll have it on file!